What is a Tribal Conservation District?

Tribal Conservation Districts (TCD) provide local and traditional knowledge and technical resources for sustainable use and active management of Tribal lands.

 The goal of Tribal Conservation District (TCD)  is to set local priorities for conservation and ensure sustainable use of natural resources for subsistence, economic opportunity, resource development, and cultural preservation.

The primary objective of the tribal conservation districts is to support tribal efforts to provide for the utilization, protection, conservation and restoration of reservation lands for the benefit of the community in a partnership effort with USDA and NRCS.

Tribal conservation districts provide a local voice in leadership efforts to address natural resources needs and concerns by providing assistance to land owners/users and managers in the conservation and wise use of land and natural resources. They also provide leadership for intra-tribal coordination between tribal governments, tribal natural resource managers and coordinate assistance from NRCS and other Federal, State, local, and private sources. 

AATCD Mission Statement

The American Association of Tribal Conservation Districts (AATCD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to aid, assist, and provide knowledge to Tribal communities to thrive through traditional knowledge, sustainable practices, and good governance in natural resource management.

Our mission is to aid, assist, and provide knowledge to Tribal communities by leveraging participation in USDA grants and opportunities via our Nation-Nation relationship.

The AATCD seeks to fill a void in representing the 574 Federally Recognized Tribes across the United States. AATCD’s two decades of experience in forming TCDs throughout Alaska.

AATCD aims to expand Tribal voices in benefitting from USDA programs that provide economic opportunity, traditional conservation practices, agriculture, and rural development.


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